Hey, my name is Texas and
I am a graphic artist.

My work aims to engage people in a playful interactive experience. I gain my inspiration and influences from contemporary culture and the urban environment, focusing on the streets I travel daily. Observation is a big part of my practice as I am interested in ‘the everyday’, ‘the normal’ and ‘the unseen’ - my objective is to make people see things they don’t see or take for granted, in a new and interesting way. 

Photography, print, technology, illustration and colour are all elements that characterise my work. My interest in what lies beneath the surface of our urban environment and what informs it, usually leads me to look at the dichotomy of appearance v. reality, which is where an element of humour comes into my work. I really enjoy creating engaging interactive humorous experiences through the sense of play and enquiry.

This site is a working progress showing a selection of my work from the past few years, Please let me know if you would like to see more!


INSTAGRAM: @b.luue_